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How to Up the Ante for an Intense Workout

How to Up the Ante for an Intense Workout

The quickest way to ditch a fitness routine is to get bored, and the fastest track to sheer boredom is monotony in your exercises. With a combination of high-intensity intervals wrapped around circuit training that will never be the case; you’re done with your workout before it gets lame!

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I’m Back!

Way back in 2012, I started development on Ultimate Obstacle Race Training, and I was immediately hooked on the sport of (ORC) Obstacle Course Racing. All the competition of a road race, and lot of variety somewhat like a triathlon, it didn’t take much for me to realize I’d be spending a lot of time participaing in OCRs, but I had no idea that it would completely take over my life. In less than a few months, I went from a semi-competitive triathlete to a passionate obstacle course racer, and before long I’d also add a whole bunch of new titles: business owner, sponsored athlete, brand influencer, course designer, race director, executive producer, and host.

New Site, New Year – New You!

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions only to see them fade away even before the end of January – but not this year! With all these easy-to-follow programs right at your fingertips (online, mobile apps, eBooks and in print), you’ll stick with your fitness resolutions and meet your goals!