A Whole New Appreciation for Jumping Rope

[auto_thumb width="150" height="150" link="" lightbox="true" align="left" title="" alt="" iframe="false" frame="true" crop="true"] http://triphx.codedrobot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/jumpropeworkouts1-188x232.jpg [/auto_thumb] Some workouts have a way of sneaking up on you; whether they are sprints at the end of soccer practice (Thanks Coach McAdams, those used to completely suck) or the last set of Getting Ripped when you realize you have to do even more reps when you're exhausted... what masochistic idiot created that workout anyway?

Personally, noting was more surprising to me than when I spent $11 at the local sporting goods store and took home a new jump rope. The one I had at the house wouldn't work, no matter how cute the little Santa Claus characters on the handle are. In my mind, my daughter's toy jump rope was a sweet little reminder that jumping rope was a kid's activity and nothing to be taken seriously. Boy, was I wrong.

My co-author Jason spends a lot of time jumping rope, he likes it - I like to run. My endorphines  get all jacked up when I run trails or hills or loops around the block; but I never figured jump rope could do the same. Here's a little tip we should have put in the book Ultimate Jump Rope Workouts:

A treadmill costs several hundred dollars and takes up a bunch of space (not to mention really hard to move to the third floor of a walk-up). A jump rope is ten to fifteen bucks and fits in your gym bag... and is more effective and efficient at burning calories - and can be used as a dog leash in a pinch.

Over the past year I've incorporated jumping rope more into my workouts. Why? Because I had to. When I write fitness books, I live them out before they ever go to print: I've done pull-ups out my wazoo during 50 Pull-Ups, spent 50 days transforming my body for Getting Ripped and rocked my core like I was preparing for a MMA bout in order to perfect the 300 Sit-Ups routine. (I'm currently living in the world of Obstacle Races; training, racing, and even helping build courses! More on that to come). The first thing I realized about jumping rope? It's even hard for a 3:40 marathoner and Ironman to jump for one minute straight - let alone 3:00! Combine the floor exercises to strengthen your total core (yes - your hips and lower back are JUST as important as your abs!) and it's a helluva good workout.

So, before you dismiss jumping rope as a kid's pastime you should grab the rope and try for thirty seconds... you will be amazed!

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