Obstacle Race Training – On-Site at VictoryQuest

On Tuesday April 10, I spent a day in Obstacle Race / Mud Run (Ob/Mud) Nirvana. Where, you may ask, is this magical place? Lincoln., Nebraska.
The Cornhusker State is home to a one-of-a-kind facility that caters to Ob/Mud events and training - VictoryQuest. Located about 20 minutes from the Lincoln airport, this mecca for adventurers is an easy drive through a bustling downtown and a few turns onto a beautiful expanse of 100 acres of gently rolling terrain. The course is anything but gentle; 24 (and more are being created daily) obstacles await you around every turn; from The Immense Fence to The Killbox, this course will develop anyone into an Ob/Mud event addict and features hands-on training camps to make you tough enough to tackle the world's most bad-ass courses! Here's co-founder Doug Pfeifer narrates a step-by-step walk-through of the course (and I'm the guy in the black shirt having a blast!) Check it out:

This video only covers half the story; VictoryQuest also features a brand-new on-site facility with accommodations for up to 45 individuals in the barracks as well as - get this - a full, indoor training facility replete with ropes, rungs, climbing walls, monkey bars and more. VQ is also entertaining options to hold Ob/Mud events with some of the biggest, established "brand names" in the business. More information to come...
VictoryQuest is available for 3-10 day exclusive training sessions for small and large groups, pop me an email for special rates and more details: brett@7weekstofitness.com

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