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  1. Indra Juwono

    Dear Brett,

    I am 34 yo, male, weighing approx. 176 lbs. I came to this site of yours from and Right now I’m doing HIIT jump-rope (30 sec jumping-15 sec rest, repeat 27 times) followed by 8 min abs workout for 3-4 times a week. I have been doing this for more than 2 months now. And now on every other day I do 100 push ups challenge (right now on week 4 day 3) & 200 squats challenge (right now on week 4 day 1).

    My question is: Is this enough? Cause I haven’t seen much change on my scale. My goal is to lose 10-18 lbs.

    And I also realize that the 100 push ups & 200 squats are challenges. They are not actually a total body workout. And apparently, although I’m always soaking wet after the jump rope routine, I don’t really feel like doing a total body workout also. It feels like I’m neglecting my abs-waist-lower back.

    Do you think I should revise my workout? If I do, what would you suggest to me? The ultimate jump rope workouts or the 7 weeks to getting ripped?

    Thank you for your input. And happy holidays.

    Indra Juwono

  2. admin

    Indra, you are surely doing your fair share of exercising your whole body with alternating the jump rope/abs and the squat/pushup workouts. Since you are 2 months into the jump rope and 1 into the challenges, you’re making great progress that you’ll start seeing in the mirror provided you’re eating healthy as well. I do not know your height, and 176 is not necessarily heavy; those last 10-18 pounds can be the absolute most difficult and require nutritional and exercise discipline for a while. Keep up the good work and give an update in about another 4-6 weeks. Thanks!

  3. Manuel Menendez

    Your programs are fantastic, I had to say that I’m complementing it with a two hundred sit up, one fifty dips and two hundred lunge, with running in 3 of the 4 off days (using app), and I can said that I’m feeling awesome.

    I want to try the 7 weeks to triathlon but I know that after finishing the advanced program it would be amazing to have a program even if is more than 7 weeks but to train for an ironman.

    I hope some day develop something a like.

  4. admin

    Manuel, the Advanced program for 7 Weeks to a Triathlon was developed by a professional Ironman athlete; you can absolutely use that to train for 140.6. We even added some guidelines on how to increase your distance for IM training along with that program. Glad you enjoy ’em!

  5. Mike Ruiz

    I have been using your program for awhile and starting to focus more on the rest days where I did interval training cardio on the rest days. Now I am doing the program and on the rest days walking in the morning. Is this a good idea and does it compliment the program?

    Thanks, Mike

  6. admin

    Absolutely! As you get fitter, add more activity to your week – pretty soon you should stop seeing it as “on/off” days and just be active fitness each day. Keep up the great work!

  7. Mick Gall

    If you’re looking for a new book idea…
    Hey guys, like the 7 Weeks to Ripped (great, full body, utilitarian workout), and the pull up book (my strength and physique both improve when I hit pull ups a little harder!), and have read with interest the obstacle race training book. Good stuff there; I’ve done a couple of those races, and think your workout would adequately prepare people.

    I have a fitness goal that I think your style would be good for: the muscle up. Basically, it would be the pull up with some dip stuff integrated in, I think… but I’m not an expert. You guys are, which is why I buy your books.

    A lot of non-gymnasts have a hard time mastering this move, plus it’s a great show of strength to be able to grab something over your head and get up on top of it.

    So how about “7 Weeks to 10 Muscle Ups”?

    I’m telling you, Crossfitters, traceurs and bar athletes would all thank you…


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