Sprintervals – The Game

I mentioned "Sprintervals" as a joke, and Steve/@Britishbulldog (see 100 Pushups to right) joked that I should get the trademark. Apparently, someone beat me to it: Sprintervals.
Anyway; mines waaaay more simple to do, and Jason Warner & I even figured out a way to make it fun. When's the last time you participated in a sportcersize (see what I did there?) where you could have 1, 2, 3, 4 or more participants and STILL be fun?
We've tried multiple variations, here are the basics:

  • Ball (soccer, football, tennis, rugby, or medecine)
  • Grass - 50 - 100 yards is good, more is better!
  • People 1-5

With 1 person, the goal is to throw or kick the ball as far as possible and sprint to catch it before it stops. Not too thrilling, but if you punt a football the bounces will keep you on your toes. I suggest using a medicine ball for this exercise to really smoke your whole body. Use a different throw each time (between the legs, overhead throw-in like soccer, even backwards like a keg toss) and sprint after it before it stops rolling. I do this 100 yards down and back as fast as I can. If I'm too tired to throw I run back with arms extended over my head holding up the ball.

With 2-4 people this fo0tball/rugby ball version is a blast:

  • line up on a soccer field on the end line next to goal (or cones)
  • 1 person kicks, 2-3 people chase the ball
  • the first person to touch the ball gets possession
  • person with possession gets (2) kicks to get the ball all the way back into the goal

With an oblong ball, the bounces are so unpredictable anything can happen. It's actually more fun than it sounds - try it!

If you have 4-5 people, you can play the "Mad Sprint" version. It's pretty simple:

  • everyone lines up on the baseline
  • 1 person kicks the ball (football, soccer ball, etc)
  • the first person to touch it gets a point, then immediately kicks it again
  • keep going until people drop 🙂

These are a great way to get your sprints/speedwork in while disguising it as "fun". Give any of these variations a shot - or make up your own and post it in the comments - exercise shouldn't be boring!

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