Here's a little list of stuff we use, trust & recommend.



Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar
Available at Amazon.comThis is the pull-up bar I used to create the program for 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups and is my all-around favorite for price, strength and multitude of grips.

Body Vision Power Tower

Available at

If you want a stand-alone pull-up bar, you can't go wrong with this one for the price. I have tested and found it stable for pull-ups, leg raises and dips.

Pullup Revolution Bands

Available at

I highly recommend bands for learning to do pull-ups and during high-rep training to break through plateaus. The Pullup Revolution is one of the best I've found for safety, adjust-ability and convenience.

Rubberbanditz Pull Up / Crossfit Band Set

Available at

Spira Footwear
Available at Spirafootwear.comThe Stinger XLT are the official shoe of 7 Weeks to Fitness!
I love these shoes for cross-training and running as they are light, flexible and have the most advanced cushioning possible in the forefoot & heel - wavesprings! Check out the technology at and use coupon code "gettingripped" to get 30% off your purchase!


Atomik Climbing Holds

Want to massively increase your forearm and hand strength? Check out the Atomik Climbing Holds Pull-Up Contest.

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