I’m Back!

Where the Hell Did Brett Go?

15 books, a hit website with over 60,000 registered users... and poof! He disappears.

What on earth would make Brett walk away from the whole 7 Weeks to Fitness franchise he's worked for 5 years to build?

I Got Lost (and Found) in the Mud

Way back in 2012,  I started development on Ultimate Obstacle Race Training, and I was immediately hooked on the sport of (ORC) Obstacle Course Racing. All the competition of a road race, and lot of variety somewhat like a triathlon, it didn't take much for me to realize I'd be spending a lot of time participaing in OCRs, but I had no idea that it would completely take over my life. In less than a few months, I went from a semi-competitive triathlete to a passionate obstacle course racer, and before long I'd also add a whole bunch of new titles: business owner, sponsored athlete, brand influencer, course designer, race director, executive producer, and host.

The Book that Started The Guide

Ultimate Obstacle Race Training just happened to be my 4th book, I had been pushing my editor to write a triathlon or marathon book even while I was writing 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped, and I knew so little about this brand of crazy races aside from one local mud run I'd stumbled into and how it almost/sorta/kinda reminded me of some adventure racing I'd done back in 2004-2005. My acquisitions editor wanted a book with sizzle, and sent out a contract immediately, even before I'd submitted the standard 500-word synopsis - apparently they'd already figured out what a hot new topic obstacle course racing was before I did!

During the research and “testing” for this book, I surely earned my diploma in mud racing by sucking it up, slathering on some sunscreen, and spending countless hours building the obstacle courses that thousands of you love to hate. I braved the Arizona

sun with searing triple-digit temperatures to construct a foot-grabbing tire pit from hell alongside the founders of Lozilu Women’s Mud Runs. I hung off a forklift to build a webbed monster of a cargo net with Devon and the team at Cahoots Duo Challenge. Spartan Race Gladiator Arena? Been there and swung the pugil sticks to prove it.

I was the guy inside the wrecked cars
at Tough Mudder shooting photos while hundreds of you maniacs were clamoring over my head. That guy sticking his camera in your face at the cargo crawl or high-low line at Warrior Dash could’ve been me angling to preserve every bit of your passion, pain, and perseverance in photos.

You see, I’m an obstacle racer, too, and happily racing right alongside of you while getting the inspiration to write a book for you. Heck, it’s a book about you. Enjoy what this book has in store for you. You may learn something, read one of your quotes, or see your muddy mug in one of our photos.

- Brett Stewart, Ultimate Obstacle Race Training

While the book was in final edits, I reached out a friend, Chris Lewis, who'd helped me build this site to propose a new business venture. Chris, a triathlete, cyclocross athlete, and runner immediately knew what I was talking about when I said "let's develop a resource for people to find these races a lit like" and had actually already been working on a prototype. Within 10 days, was launched, and has gone one to serve tens of millions of page views looking for the best events, discounts, gear, training, and news for obstacle course races all over the world.

Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and all of the major brands are clients, and we feature exclusive discounts to their events as well as hundreds of others; Mud Run Guide has grown into a full-time business.

On top of that, I followed up my experience on American Ninja Warrior and shooting an OCR TV pilot with creating my own obstacle course racing show, OCR Warrior (read about the beginning here and check out any of the 50 episodes here).

final still 2

So, What's the Deal Now?

I'm still heavily involved in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing, and was named to the top 25 most influential people in the sport earlier this year. I've been fortunate enough to land a seat on the board of the OCR World Championships, continuing to develop OCR Warrior, and we've even launced to go along with our Ninja Warrior event & training coverage, and recently acquired Mud + Adventure to comtinue to expand Mud Run Guide's presence in the "non-traditional running" category... but, I'm "back" here as well. 7 Weeks to Fitness was my first athletic home online, and it's high time for me to return to providing content ranging from new fitness routines to commentaries on the state of sport right here.

My first order of business is to get to a piece that I've been agonizing over for about a year, coming to terms with the fact that I'm not Superman; dealing with injuries, age, and the mystifying problem of low testosterone. Look for that soon, right now I just want to say one thing:

I'm back.

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