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Our theme for 2014 is clearly "NEW", and there are so many new elements being added to 7 Weeks to Fitness - new books, new fitness programs, new mobile apps, new videos, and a whole new way for you to use all the features of this website!

Most importantly, 2014 is all about working together to build a new you! No matter what age or ability you're at right now - from elite athlete to couch potato - we've developed simple-to-use fitness programs that are a perfect fit for the new you!

We've all made New Year's resolutions only to see them fade away even before the end of January - but not this year! With all these easy-to-follow programs right at your fingertips (online, mobile apps, eBooks and in print), you'll stick with your fitness resolutions and meet your goals! Looking for more support? Then check out the Premium 7W2F Access that includes 24/7 expert trainer advice & feedback!

With the upcoming release of our thirteenth fitness & wellness book, FXT: Functional Cross-Training, we're overhauling 7W2F to help you find the right program, get the instruction and support you need, and make it even easier for you to get fit - faster than ever before. Starting now, here's how you can use this site:

Free Fitness Programs & Info:

  • Every quick-start and basic fitness program from all of our books (with new ones added monthly) are completely FREE and available 24/7 for you to use right here on the site.
  • All the exercise descriptions & photos (videos are coming soon) for all of the free programs to learn proper form and to execute each movement flawlessly.
  • FAQ's, our health & wellness blog, gear guide, book samples, and more!

Premium 7W2F Access Incudes:

  • All 7W2F Programs - from Prep through Advanced from all of our 13 fitness & wellness books, including new workouts, challenges, contests, and much more.
  • Nutritional Regimen, Meal Timing, and Meal Plans to go along with each of our programs - what to eat & when for optimal training and athletic performance.
  • All-new eBooks - totally FREE - as they are released: Skip The Gym, Survive Your First Mud Run, Survive Your First 5k, Survive Your First Triathlon, Survive Your First Marathon, and more to come.
  • Exclusive access to our fitness authors & trainers - got a question about an exercise, program, or need to adapt a workout to fit your goals? Our team is on-call to help you via email, Google Hangouts, or even 1-on-1 Skype video chat.
  • All this access as low as $2.99/month! You can start developing the NEW YOU for less than the price of a grande latte!

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Sign up for your free account first, then you can come back here and upgrade to premium!

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